Thursday, February 10, 2011

Frugal Friday - Coffee Wreath

Frugal Friday - Coffee Wreath
I LOVE this blog!!!!!!!! When I saw this wreath I knew I had to make it and that is just what I did! It cost me a total of......drum roll please...........$2.00!!!!! Not only is it adorable but I made it with my mom who is my favorite craft partner in crime!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

How to name a blog!

I told you I had a problem! This is my 3rd post in one night! The house is quiet and I am loving just sitting at my computer in bloggy heaven! Anyhoo, I thought it was appropriate to explain how I came up with a name! I struggled with what to name this new journey of mine.  I wanted it to be cute and catchy but the more I thought, I realized I had nothing! However, my new home has been taking up a lot of my time lately as I am still deciding where things should go, rearranging, and painting on a budget of $0.  Now, I have always been somewhat thrifty.  I have always loved a good yard sale- I mean this fall at one sale I got an inflatable jumpy castle in perfect condition for $25 and corn hole for $20. I know! Pick up your jaws! Isn't that amazing! And goodwill, oh my, I just love to find a treasure! So my point to telling you this is that my thriftiness has been taken to a whole new level.  And thanks to bloggyland I have been able to make some amazing projects for barely nothing not to mention have discovered my new favorite store, habitat's resale store.  Have you been there? If not you need to go right now! Now, why do I have a budget of $0? Well, without getting too personal, this economy has devastated our family but God is and always has been ever so faithful and has provided us with a beautiful home and to HIM we give all of the praise and the glory! At one point in our journey I said to my hubby, "I don't care if we are in a cardboard box, as long as we are together that is all that matters." And that my friends is the truth! If you have your family you are blessed! And if you trust Him, He will provide for ALL of your needs.  So, as of Dec. 20th we have a beautiful new house that we are making into our home.  But you know what I have discovered along the way? Not only does this thriftiness help financially but the more time you spend with your own hands making something beautiful you have not only created a memory buy you have created a treasure.  So as I sit at my kitchen table with my babies tucked all snuggley in their beds I am so thankful to not only have a house but to have a home and there is no place like it!

one of my many obsessions!

There are so many things in life that make me shriek with sheer delight! The obvious being my children but I also have a love affair with dessert of all kinds, anything that is a carbohydrate, sleeping late, pesto, yard sales, goodwill, Target, coffee, my old navy sweatpants, a really hot shower, the smell of beach air, DISNEYWORLD, snow, thunderstorms....I could go on but this post is about one of my biggest obsessions that has actually brought in some $$$$$.......VINYL!!!!!!!!!  This post is about heat vinyl! I will eventually get to wall vinyl but I love love love making my kiddo's personalized shirts.  So with my cricut (and as of chrsitmas my silhouette), and a commercial heat press I have made these!

Here we go!

My name is Jessica and I am a blog stalker! I confess! Let's hear it, "Welcome Jessica." I know, it is kind of pathetic but once I got hooked I couldn't stop. I started to find these amazing women who I could identify with and could see my self being friends with.  Women who love their families and strive to be great wives and mothers.  But what put me over the edge were these women who had the same love of creating that I do.  I have found so many awesome crafts, decorating ideas, organizing ideas, recipes, etc. that I got inspired big time! And here I am! I Hope to share the projects that I have made.... to make this house our home!

(I apologized for this sad little picture)